Saturday, April 11, 2009

Sad Experience

After we submitted our school reports to our guidance counselor a while ago, Ate Queenie, Ate Lindy and I decided to go to mall. We had funny conversations while eating in Jollibee. After we had eaten our lunch, we have our picture taking at Fujifilm. A passport size picture is one of the requirements to complete our Personal Data Sheet. While waiting for the picture, we strolled for I think 30 minutes. Then we went back to get the picture. I really enjoyed their company. Above all this happy time, a sad experience happened. As we were about to exit, Ate Lindy saw couples eating ice cream, then she uttered “girls, let’s eat ice cream!”. And because of that we went inside and buy some ice creams. Ate Lindy wanted us to accompany her to buy some meat. Sad to say, she didn’t notice that she lost her wallet. We began to panic and find ways how to get the wallet and cell phone back. We went back and forth to our ways just to look for the lost cell phone and wallet. Hopelessly, we decided to go home and parted our ways with a sad experience

Friday, April 10, 2009


One of the sports I like to play is Badminton. Badminton makes me perspires a lot. It can stretch out my muscles. Badminton is very enjoyable to play especially when you have challenging opponents. It can test your agility as well as your alertness in bouncing back the shuttlecock. This could be one of the activities I’ll enjoy this summer. If you have nothing to do this summer, try to play some of your favorite sports. I know you’ll be enjoying it for sure.


Have you ever eaten an eggplant mixed with eggs? This is what we called “TORTANG TALONG” or “EGGPLANT OMELETTE”. It looks delicious right? It is absolutely delicious and nutritious. We happened to have a food trip together with my cousins Sarah, Micah, Mark and Bianca my friend and my special someone Omz. We had so much fun while making the tortang talong. I hope to have another food trip with them. Stay healthy!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Captured Moments

With my DepEd Family, Sir Migs, Ate Jo, Ate Queenie and Ate Lindz

This is my ate queenie, who is also my co-teacher. She's almost 2 years in service.

She's one of a kind. Good sense of humor and approachable. She crack jokes most of the time. I call her Ate Rowena.

We'll this one, my co-teacher also who is i think 2 years in service. A mother of 3 kids. She's my Ate Lindz.

I'm very thankful i met this woman. She's my Ate Jo. We call her mother goat because she treat us like her daughters. She guides us and teach us how to be more flexible.

Bonding Moments with my Ate's

Smile Ate.....

The THREE MUSTeachers

I missed these people so much. I know we're not seeing each other this summer vacation but i know our communication is still there. All of them have it's own families, that's why i call them ATE because I'm their youngest co-teacher. Hope they will enjoy their summer.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My School Report

Each of us in our school is assigned to make reports in different subject areas for us to be cleared from school and enjoy the summer. My report is about the Reading Interventions in English. To broaden my knowledge about reading interventions, I do some researches in the Internet. I’m very thankful that with the help of this new technology, things are done easily. Some of the reading interventions I’ve read, one of the most applicable intervention in our school is what we called the PHIL-IRI or the Philippine Reading Inventory under the ECARP. The ECARP (Every Child a Reader Program) provides this kind of interventions, both in oral and silent reading. The Phil-Iri is very useful because this can provide useful information to students about their progress, to parents about achievements and skills that need improvement and to teachers about appropriate instruction. There is much information I acquired that could come to a good and informative report. The data’s were provided by our school guidance counselor and I have to finish this report as soon as possible for consolidation.


After the activities, a 2-day seminar happened in our school. As a professional teacher, I am constantly interacting with people in the school and in community. It’s an opportunity for me to attend this kind of seminar because it can enhance my teaching skills as well as my behavior as a teacher. The NCBT (National Competency-Based Teacher Standards) provides us some evaluation to our selves with the use of TSNA (Teacher Strengths and Needs Assessment). The knowledge that I acquired from this seminar would be a great help for me to become a more effective teacher. Through this seminar, I realized that I should be actively involved with learners, fellow teachers, school officials and community leaders. With the use of TSNA toolkit, I can determine my personal and professional strengths as well as my professional needs along the national competencies required of the Filipino teachers. I have to attend more seminars and workshops related to my teaching profession especially to cope up with my weaknesses. Above all, my professional development will ensure quality education through improved learning outcomes of the students. Maybe I’ll be learning more and more strategies and techniques in teaching.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

An Inpiring Message

At last! The graduation ceremony was very successful. I was so happy that we finally made it. All the hard works and stressful days have come up into a successful event through the united teaching force of our school. All the invited visitors and guests came to witness the achievements of the graduates. It really touches my heart when I saw the faces of the parents watching their children up on stage receiving their academic and non-academic awards as well their diplomas. They can’t hide the joy they felt inside. How proud they were pinning the awards to their children. There was a part in the ceremony when I can’t help my tears from falling down. It was when the guest speaker, a teacher, shared her experiences to the graduates. I just can’t forget what she had said that “poverty is not a hindrance to achieve your goals in life”. As she was delivering her speech, telling the graduates how lucky they were that they have their parents with them, she became emotional. She remembered the sacrifices she had made before. It was a great speech and really can inspire the young ones. Most of the graduates cried because they can relate with what the speaker shared to them. Poverty and lack of parents’ guidance could be a great impact not to finish schooling. The speaker encouraged the graduates to pursue their dreams no matter what obstacles they met and will be meeting in the future. For me, her speech would be great help for the young ones to awaken their minds that life is a journey, in which the years go by. Sometimes the road is level sometimes the hills are high. A shared experience could inspire and teach us lessons in life. Let’s continue inspiring each other.